Devils on Horseback

It’s hard to think sexy thoughts about prunes, but if you haven’t tried the old Devils on Horseback then I suggest that you get on board because they’re completely delicious. The baked prunes get intensely flavoursome and sweet and go beautifully with the salty bacon. There are a few different versions around.

Bite sized bacony happiness
Bite sized bacony happiness


Some recommend also stuffing the prune with liver or almonds. Others involve soaking the prunes in verjuice to plump them up. I’ve opted to keep things simple and just wrap pitted prunes in really nice free-range bacon.

It's hard to think sexy thoughts about prunes
It’s hard to think sexy thoughts about prunes
I’m pretty sure I first saw Devils on Horseback being made on the Two Fat Ladies cooking series and mentally filed them away under “things I want to eat just because they involve bacon”.  I eventually made these for a seventieth birthday party to have with our bubbly and there were more than one cry of ‘ooh I remember these!’ from the older guests as they got passed around. They didn’t last long. Then again most people will literally eat anything wrapped in bacon (myself included). Yum.


12 pitted prunes
6 rashers of bacon (rind removed)

Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees
Cut the bacon rashers into strips. Each strip needs to be the width of a fat prune and long enough to wrap generously around. Fatty bits are good (you’re not going to eat fifty)
Wrap each prune tightly in bacon strips and secure tightly with a toothpick by sliding it through the centre of the prune
Place on a baking tray on either a silicon mat or baking paper
Bake for around fifteen minutes or until bacon is nicely cooked

Serve with bubbles and let anyone who was alive in the prawn cocktail years have one first. Yum. That is all.
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