The Great Two Houses Beer-Off

When thinking about potential topics to blog about, Lex admitted she wasn’t great on doing ‘projects’, but that she’d like to try her hand at brewing beer. Both houses have been subjected to many months of the smelly bubbling plastic barrel that is a homebrew kit, but to date the task has been a boy only effort. And so we unveil our first project – the Great Two Houses Beer-Off.

Our challenge is to produce a Brewers dozen (13) bottles of labelled beer BY OURSELVES* within eight weeks.

Tasting and judging will be carried out by a panel of beer experts** providing a score out of 5 under each of the following characteristics:

Overall impression

The beer with the best total score out of a possible 30 wins.

The Judges
Stay tuned for the announcement of our expert** judging panel!

The Prize
Admittedly we forgot to ask the boys if they’d decide on one for us and now we’re waiting for them to come up with an appropriately awesome prize.

* Coaching by our own experienced brewing husbands is acceptable
** The term experts has been used to include selected persons who drink beer, were willing to judge for us and may or may not have ‘expertise’ with beer

Stay tuned for updates on our progress!