Cheesy biscuits

So it’s been about six days and my Indian Pale Ale (IPA), which has been bubbling away nicely, has now slowed to a sporadic gurgle.  This apparently means that the fermentation process is almost over and it’s not far off being ready to bottle (exciting).  However, it’s not quite there yet so we’ll leave it alone for now and talk about things that are great to eat with beer. Hurray!

We’ve decided that, along with the home brew, our judges will also be presented with a few tasty snacks made by the Two Houses.

First up, I’d like to share the recipe for our cheesy biscuits.  These spicy little morsels are completely addictive.  Cheese biscuits in general are the Pringles of the biscuit world.  Mine are ideal for eating instead of dinner and watching an entire season of Veronica Mars.  Add a glass of wine or beer to make it seem like a proper meal.

They also make a great present for a good friend.  Pop them in a glass jar with a tight lid.  Apply a big sticky label with ‘happy birthday’ or ‘sorry your fish died’ scrawled in your charmingly sloppy handwriting.  Add a ribbon if you want to be extra fancy.  No need for wrapping paper OR a card.  Nothing to toss.  Win!

Glenn saw this and immediately asked if it was for him.
Glenn saw this and immediately asked if it was for him.

Cheesy biscuits

1 cup of plain flour
2 tablespoons of self raising flour
125g chopped butter
1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard
2 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese
125g grated cheddar cheese
2 tablespoons caraway seeds
big pinch salt
big pinch freshly ground pepper
half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper (or more if you like)

Put all ingredients in a food processor and whizz until it’s crumbed and you can form a moist (but not sticky) dough.  If it’s too dry then add a tablespoon of water and whizz again.

Turn the dough out onto clean bench and roll into a long sausage of about 4 cm thick.  Wrap tightly in paper or cling wrap and stick in the fridge for three or more hours.

Remove and slice into discs about 5 mm thick.  You should get around forty small biscuits out of that roll.

Bake in moderate oven for about fifteen minutes or until golden.

Give your kiddies one or two each. The rest are for you after they’re in bed.

Serving suggestion.
Serving suggestion.